Septic Reservoir Systems

Residential sewage disposal systems... Infiltrator septic tanks and Infiltrator leach field chambers along with settling basins, effluent filters, director valves, and drywell leach pit kits complete with installation guidelines and sensible design tips about how to fix a failed septic system drainage leach field. Most of our telephone calls are scheduled to existing septic systems that no longer work. This is anticipated to faults and deteriorations in the tank, but nine times out of ten it is because of soakaway drainfield failure. All septic tank soakaways are doomed to fail sooner or later. When soakaways fail, it is catastrophic for the dog owner as the entire system backs up and they can't use the toilets, shower, etc without thinking about the quantity of water that they are putting into an already overloaded system. The reservoir may even have to be emptied once weekly, if the soakaway inability is advanced, at a price of around £150 a period. The 'onion' formed ones seem to be to cause soakaway failures quicker than the traditional 2 chamber tanks. Alas, also, they are cheaper, so tend to be common.
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Shown below is an example standard set up with two drywells in series - bringing sewage in through the lid. Top launching (with vent) ensures maximum surge capacity for the drywell. Please note that venting your leaching pit (or any septic field) is most strongly suggested... lack of venting at both ends of lateral lines is the best cause of leach field failure (after lack of proper two area filtered septic container). Oxygen will keep the drainage pit dry out and the soil around it healthier. Freezing is almost never, if ever, issues with working sewage water underground, but you can always cover the vents in profound winter, if need be. We provide every one of the fixtures pictured with your set up (san tee, riser, coupler, vent and geotextile textile). The geotextile fabric is roofed for unit installation above the gravel covering. It helps to keep backfill ground from clogging the gravel and is crucial to extending the life span of your leach pit.
In many council districts (e.g. Sunshine Coast) septic systems have been banned and have to be replaced with much more expensive small range sewage treatment systems that actively pump air into the reservoir producing an aerobic environment. Septic systems need to be changed with any new building applications, regardless of how well the old system a septic tank works video
It pays to care for your reservoir (see What Not to Flush, below) and spend money on septic tank pumping periodically therefore the necessary bacteria don't die, shutting down the natural machine. When this happens, sludge accumulates and flows in to the drainfield, where it clogs up the machine. Before very long, you have a sewage back-up, septic tank problems, and a major headache.


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